Fill out our Membrship Form today!

Fill out our Membrship Form today!

Becoming a Member

We encourage you to become a member of the National Autumn Leaf Collectors Club®. Additionally, you may know someone who collects Autumn Leaf chinaware and wish to gift an NALCC membership for that person. Our annual membership fee is $30.00. We welcome and introduce our new members through our newsletter.

  • Please click on the document icon on this page, print a copy of the form, and complete the requested information.
  • Please include your check or money order, made payable to National Autumn Leaf Collectors Club, and mail the completed form to the address provided on the form.

Benefits of Club Membership

Officer Elections

As a member you are entitled to one vote in the election of officers, which is held by a ballot of the membership attending the National Convention every two years. Installation of newly elected officers will be held at the convention the year they are elected. When there is no opposition to any of the offices, those nominated will serve and no election will be held.

Annual Convention & Auction

Our annual convention provides members with opportunities to become acquainted with other Autumn Leaf enthusiasts, share pictures of their collections; and to display, swap or sell their own Autumn Leaf china. An auction is also held during the convention and it’s always a packed-house event. Take a few minutes to review our

Commissioned Pieces & Club Gifts

As a club member you will have many opportunities to increase your Autumn Leaf collection. The NALCC Executive Committee approves the club pieces and commissions the Hall China Company to produce them. These club pieces are available to NALCC members only. Each commissioned piece or set has a quantity limit and then it is discontinued. Flyers offering newly commissioned club pieces to our members for purchase are placed in the newsletter.

From time to time, members may receive a special gift item from the NALCC organization at no cost to the members.


The organization’s newsletter is printed four times per year: February, May, August, and November. It is sent by first class mail to members in good standing. The newsletter includes information about new members, club activities, historical Hall China Company and Jewel Tea photos and commentaries, letters and photos from members, upcoming elections, and annual convention and regional events.

Buy/Sell/Trade Information

We have a dedicated section of the newsletter for members who would like to buy, sell, or trade items distributed by the Hall China Company, the Jewel Tea Company, manufactured for the Jewel Tea Company, or the NALCC. Listed items appear one time and must be renewed for each edition of the newsletter.

Members are encouraged to provide the newsletter editor with news they would like to share with other collectors, particularly information or questions that they might have regarding unusual or rare pieces.