NALCC Overview

NALCC founders Nancy Brock and Norma Jones with NALCC member Opal Hancock (center).

Nancy Brock and Norma Jones co-founded the National Autumn Leaf Collectors Club (NALCC) in the fall of 1978. The club’s first newsletter was published the same year.

NALCC is a non-profit organization. Our mission is to assist the collector in broadening knowledge of Autumn Leaf dinnerware and accessory pieces, as well as Jewel Tea Company products, and to further the enjoyment and pleasure of collecting through fellowship.

An NALCC newsletter is published four times per year (February, May, August, and November.)

NALCC Officers

NALCC has five officers who have been elected by the voting membership of the club. Officers are elected biannually and serve two-year terms.

Nominations for officers are placed in the newsletter and voting is done at the annual meeting. The officers meet at least once at the end of the year, and attend the annual convention.

A membership meeting with the officers is held during the annual convention. This forum allows for open and interactive communications to address issues affecting the organization, the Autumn Leaf pattern, and growth of the club’s membership.

Current NALCC Officers

President, Laura House (IN)
1st Vice President, Harry Pomroy (PA)
2nd Vice President, Jill Getz (MO)
Secretary/Treasurer, Carolyn Lueck (CO)
Newsletter Editor, Will Didriksen (MO)