Annual Convention & Regional Events

Club members volunteer to host the annual convention and regional events.

The annual convention is a highly anticipated event. Since the 3-day annual convention is held in a different city each year this offers opportunities to explore unique regional and cultural aspects of the United States.

Members use this 3-day event to:

  • Socialize with friends and make new ones,
  • Room-hop to seek out the best buys for Autumn Leaf, Jewel Tea, and other non-Hall and non-NALCC crafts and china pieces. Room-hopping sales are usually done in the evenings or between convention events.
  • Participate in the annual Officers Meeting,
  • Buy and sell Autumn Leaf china in the Sales Room event,
  • Attend the Auction, where beginners to long-time collectors gather to outbid each other.

Regional events allow members who are unable to attend the Annual convention an opportunity to gather and share in the same social activities of the club closer to their homes.

The annual convention and regional updates and events are reported in the club newsletter.

We invite you to become a club member today. Start having fun and experience fellowship and the pure enjoyment of collecting Autumn Leaf china.