Autumn Leaf Care Instructions


  • It's indestructible as far as the sun goes.
  • Never put the china into the dishwasher because that will take off the gold.
  • Autumn Leaf china should be treated like other fine china, just hand-wash it a couple of times a year with liquid dish soap and hand-dry. Try adding ¼ cup of vinegar to your wash water to reduce the soap film on your china and glassware.
  • When stacking your chinaware, place a barrier, such as felt, very thin bubble wrap cut to size, paper plates or paper napkins, in between each piece. This method prevents stacking marks. You can protect covered dishes, teapots and coffeepots the same way where the lid contacts the rim.

Paper & Cardboard

  • Do not place paper products in plastic storage bags. If moisture collects inside the bag, your paper collection’s value may be destroyed.
  • Acid burn can occur from wood, wood pulp mats, backings and cardboard.
  • Ultraviolet light causes colors and inks to fade.
  • Infrared light accelerates aging, causing brittleness and discoloration.
  • Improper framing can destroy the paper’s value.
  • Permanent mounts (dry mounting, wet mounting, and most glues and tapes) cause permanent damage.

Linens & Oilcloths

  • If necessary wash your linens in mild soap, e.g., Ivory Snow or Woolite, and iron them as usual. If they are not stained or dirty when purchased, do not launder them, especially if they are in new condition with the labels intact. Keep them out of direct light for extended periods of time, as they will fade just as regular fabrics do.
  • Keep oilcloth items out of direct light. For storage, rolling up oilcloth items is preferable to folding them. Folds, over time may crack the oilcloth.
  • Do not store any of the items in an attic or anywhere there are extreme temperature changes.


  • Then it comes to the coffee dispenser, bread box, round canister set, sifter, cleanser can holder and the cake safes, DO NOT put any water or abrasives on them.
  • If an area is really dirty, take a very soft cloth with a little bit of car polish and cleaner, such as Liquid Turtle Wax. Apply the cleaner to a very soft cloth and not directly onto the item, then wipe lightly over the dirty area. Wipe area with a dry cloth.
  • Other tins, such as rectangular canisters, waste can and product tins may be washed with wiped with a damp cloth and then thoroughly dried, then polished with a good car wax and cleaner, such as Liquid Turtle Wax. If you have a tin with excessive rust, you may want to put WD-40 on the rusted areas.
  • Keep tin items out of direct sunlight.